What Changes in 20 Years?

As we come into the final stretch of our 2019 Door of Hope Campaign, I’ve been thinking a lot about what changes in two decades. Yesterday I was rummaging through old family pictures. There are toddler pics of our kids being doted on by smiling grandparents – some of whom are now ‘Heaven-home.’ There are hilarious poses in dance costumes, school uniforms or covered in mud after rainstorms on our Texas farm, their faces changing over time to look more like Mom and Dad.

You probably have pictures like this strewn around your home in photo albums, desk drawers or old frames lining your hallways.

Then I took some time looking at another collection of pics; children I’ve come to know by name over the years but have never met in person. Yet I love them. Many of you do, too. While my kids were growing up under my roof, these other kids were also growing and changing just as fast, and it is a miracle. Why? Because their mothers left them for dead, or abandoned them in places hoping someone else might be able to save them. Well, someone did. And that someone might very well be you. The children I’m referring to, of course, are the children of Door of Hope in Johannesburg, S.A.

For 20 years, now, Compassion Radio Partners have played a vital and essential role in saving the lives of 2000 newborns and toddlers. Over 1000 of them have been placed with believing families, both inside South Africa and internationally. Compassion Radio was right there in the beginning, helping to make these adoptions possible, and providing safe haven for the babies as they waited for a family to come home to.

This month we were able to connect with one of the families that adopted one of the very first DOH babies. And the story we heard was exactly what we’ve been praying for all these years. A vibrant faith has grown in the heart of Georgina, as she now studies jazz vocal performance in North Carolina. Her mother tells of the struggles and joys of international adoption and how saying ‘Yes’ to God has changed everything in the years since. Look for these broadcasts 4/16-19/2019 and in our Podcast Archive starting then:

At Door of Hope there are dozens of babies still being rescued each month, so please give now by clicking HERE… There are just a few days left in this year’s special campaign. If you give this month a generous donor has committed a matching grant of up to $4000 to make your gift go even farther.

Lastly, I want to thank you for all you do to keep us on the air and in the field, bringing you these inspiring stories and awesome opportunities. Let’s keep building the Kingdom of God in Amazing, Compassionate Ways!

God’s richest blessings to you this month!


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