FTP Instructions for Station and Program Managers

General FTP Instructions:


“Compassion Radio” and “Good News You Can Use” are available in broadcast-quality .MP3 format. Station/Program Managers may access any available program in advance of broadcast date using the common “File Transfer Protocol” (FTP).


Filename for Compassion 4 Radio’s 26 min. broadcast for Thursday, November 15 (stereo, 128kps):

Filename for Compassion Radio’s 26 min. broadcast for Thursday, November 15 (mono, 80kps):

Filename for Good News You Can Use (our FREE 2-1/2 minute weekday feature) for Thursday, November 15 (stereo, 128kps):

For those familiar with FTP, a “User Profile” (Domain/Username/Password) is available from our office. Click Here to request FTP access today. There are no fees or limitations on program downloads for our broadcast partners.


Instructions for new FTP users:

  1. Once you have received your User Profile, start your FTP Program.
  2. In the “Session Properties” window, enter a “Profile Name” of your choice in the first open box.
  3. Enter the “Domain” info in the next box, typically called “Host Name/Address.”
  4. Enter the “Username” info in the next box, typically called “User ID.”
  5. Enter the “Password Info” in the next box, typically called “Password.”
  6. Click “APPLY” or “OK” to save your new Profile information.
  7. Select the profile you’ve just created and click “Connect.”
  8. Once you have connected with the FTP server, you will see incidental promo files, and two folders titled “Pgms for Broadband” and “Pgms for Dial Up.” Double-Click the folder you need for your connection. Broadband is strongly recommended for U.S. clients, For International/Dial up Clients, choose the “Dial Up” option.
  9. You may use the “Up” arrow on the “Local System” side to navigate to a particular file folder in which you would like to store the program. This information may also be entered in the “Session Properties” window prior to any FTP session and saved for future downloads.
  10. Single click the file you would like to download, then click the arrow pointing to the other screen. You will now be transferring the file. A status bar will show the transfer progress. A “Successful Transmission” message or sound will indicate a completed download.
  11. To download multiple files at one time, simply hold down the “cntrl” key, and single click the files you would like to transfer. Release the “cntrl” key and click the arrow pointing to the other screen. You will be notified when all files have successfully downloaded.
  12. Download time will depend on the allotted speed of your broadband or dial up account. Typically, broadband downloads of a “Compassion Radio” program will take approximately 2½ minutes. “Good News You Can Use” should take less than a minute.

Notes on FTP Instructions:

  1. FTP Software: Dedicated FTP software is highly recommended for downloading large files. These programs provide status reporting and download completion notification. A number of common clients are available for free to non-profits and educational institutions. For a free edition of our favorite FTP Client, simply send us an email at: [email protected]. For-profit organizations can purchase the software cost at a nominal cost. Download links are provided below for the most common programs.
  2. Creating CDs from .MP3 Files: For stations that are not automated, you can still spin up CDs for each broadcast by burning the .mp3 program downloads to CDR or CDRW. CDRs are extremely inexpensive but are one-use only. If you intend to keep an archive of either program, it is the best solution. CDRWs are more costly but reusable. If you do not intend to archive either program, you can rewrite each week’s program schedule to the same CDRWs. CD creation software is bundled with every CDRW drive available. If you do not currently have a CD burner in a station computer, they can be obtained for as little as $35. If you need some help/encouragement with a system upgrade, don’t hesitate to contact our webmaster.

You may also use the Internet Explorer browser for FTP downloads, but it does not provide the same level of assurance that files have downloaded successfully. If you have had good success using IE for FTP transfers, you may download current “CompassionRadio” or “Good News You Can Use” using this method by Clicking HERE. You will need the current Username/Password. If you are on a network, you will need to make sure that your Systems Admin has enabled the FTP protocol for your browser.

If you encounter any trouble attempting your first FTP transfer, don’t hesitate to email us. Our webmaster can be reached through the following address: [email protected]

For Windows
Two of the most widely used FTP client programs are WS-FTP and CUTEFTP. With these, you can transfer files both ways fast, have scripting ability, synchronize and search/find files features. Filezilla is an unsupported freeware FTP application.
ftpcommander ftpcute ftpfilezilla ftpws
For Macintosh
the suggested FTP clients are Fetch and Transmit.
ftpfetch ftptrans
For Linux
the suggested FTP client is gFTP.
For Windows CE
the suggested FTP client is Scotty FTP. This has been tested to work very well on the Windows CE based handheld computers such as iPaq and the HP Jornada.

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