Details about Compassion Radio's Compassion Project, Operation God's Word

Over the years, we have been a part of placing Bibles into the hands of Christians, Pastors, and Evangelists all over the world. In total, Compassion Radio, with the support of our listeners and supporters, has helped place half a million Bibles! In the years that Norm Nelson was the president of Compassion Radio, many […]


The devastating Beirut Port Explosion of August 4, 2020 was just the latest in a series of serious blows to this most Christian nation in the Middle East. The Church in Lebanon has borne a large part of the burden of caring for almost 2 million refugees from Syria and Iraq, and they’re doing it […]

South Africa

Door of Hope, located in Johannesburg, South Africa, is one of our longest-running partnerships, spanning two decades. Door of Hope is a ministry that rescues, cares for, and loves children that were abandoned by their mothers for any of a number of reasons, including AIDS and poverty. Partnering with this amazing ministry, Compassion Radio partners […]