Door of Hope, located in Johannesburg, South Africa, is one of our longest-running partnerships, spanning two decades. Door of Hope is a ministry that rescues, cares for, and loves children that were abandoned by their mothers for any of a number of reasons, including AIDS and poverty. Partnering with this amazing ministry, Compassion Radio partners purchased a beautiful suburban home to house and lovingly nurture infants who have been rescued from abandonment in garbage dumpsters in and around the Berea and Hillbrow areas. More than 1500 babies have been rescued thus far through “Door of Hope.” The majority of the babies have been adopted or fostered within the country by believing parents, raising these children to be the future of South Africa.

We are currently partnering with Door of Hope towards the building of their newest endeavor, the Children’s Village. This is a community designed to give abandoned babies the most ‘normal’ and healthy life possible while they are growing up to adulthood. This village will be equipped with family homes where around 6 children will live with families who will raise their own children alongside them. School, health services, and extracurricular activities will also be part of these kids’ village.

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