The devastating Beirut Port Explosion of August 4, 2020 was just the latest in a series of serious blows to this most Christian nation in the Middle East. The Church in Lebanon has borne a large part of the burden of caring for almost 2 million refugees from Syria and Iraq, and they’re doing it with very little assistance from the International Community. In the months leading up to the Beirut tragedy,  the economy had already imploded, quadrupling the unemployment rate and making basic staples up to 8 times as expensive as last year. And still, the Church continued to support the refugees…

Now, the Church needs immediate assistance just to address the tens of thousands displaced by the explosion and at risk of starvation. You can help! Through our on-the-ground partners, “One Million Thumbprints” and “Together for the Family” are already engaged in emergency relief – they don’t need to build new infrastructure. So – your ‘above and beyond’ gifts to Compassion Radio this month go directly to food, clothing and shelter, all given in the Name and Power of Jesus.

As you give, keep this in mind – the director of “Together for the Family”, Trivina Kassis, lost her apartment and her university in the disaster. Her first act when she discovered it was all gone? She donated blood. She’s been running ever since, helping save lives, clearing debris, feeding families and deploying refugees as relief workers. This is the kind of Kingdom worker you’re supporting with your gifts. Thank you for being brave in your giving this month…

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