Perspective on the Turkey Earthquake, Pt. 1

Debora Haede

She’s got an important job helping people in America discover how to engage the political process in a constructive, Christ-centered way. As Director of Communications for the ‘Center for Public Justice‘ Debora Haede is going to make a tremendous impact on our country in the years to come.

Debora is also a witness to tragedies that challenge the soul of a nation, moving with her parents to the city of Izmit, Turkey not long after they suffered a devastating earthquake on 08/17/1999. That temblor killed an estimated 18000 people. Debora understands how vast the destruction can be, not just economically, but through the profound social disruptions and spiritual crises that inevitably follow. She sees herself now as a Special Agent in God’s Kingdom. Born to a multi-lingual and multi-cultural family, her German Father and Turkish Mother raised a truly missional child, so Debora’s seen a lot of the World and the Church in her 20+ years.

When the news broke on Feb. 06, 2023 that her mother’s hometown had been shattered by the most deadly earthquake in centuries, she was flooded with sorrow. She also snapped into action helping to network her family and friends across Turkey and Syria, looking for ways to assist those who had survived. That work goes on and we’ll hear more about it and Debora’s ‘Kingdom Work’ in this series.

Special Note: In the days since this interview was recorded, Debora’s mother, Janet, suffered a stroke and is facing a difficult recovery in the broken healthcare system of Turkey. Her husband, Wolfgang, now has to negotiate this new trauma while struggling to coordinate aid for ongoing recovery and humanitarian efforts of the Turkish Church. Needless to say it has been and extraordinarily trying week for the whole family. Your prayers for all of them would be deeply appreciated…

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