cr360-new-Grief, Loss and the Unthinkable

CR360: “Grief, Loss and the Unthinkable”


Today, Bram & Sandi continue a new Friday series focused on world events and the ‘Kingdom Response’. Through scripture, word and song, we’ll put a whole new spin on what’s happening in the world, right now. Today: The world-wide pandemic of homicide against children continues. This week a policeman in Thailand took out his rage on 30 people at a daycare center then murdered his own family before taking his own life. In Central Russia last month a young man obsessed with the Columbine massacre and Nazi propaganda murdered dozens of school children before committing suicide.

So many innocent lives lost to unimaginable violence. And nobody seems to have the vision or initiative to do anything about it. As if we are just supposed to accept it as our ‘new normal.’ It feels like the world is in full meltdown.

Yet, is that what God expects of his Body on Earth? Are we not to be able to hope when others can’t lift their heads; see what others cannot; act in faith when everyone else cowers in fear? Those questions demand answers. But today… Today just needs a genuine, honest, Lament. And sometimes that means we have to let others speak and sing the thoughts we are afraid to even whisper. In word and song we’ll make an honest effort to be helpful in the process of processing the impossible.

To hear the music used in today’s program again, follow these links:

Does Your Heart Break?
Lord From Sorrows Deep I Call
All the Poor and Powerless
Even If
Hold On To Me
Let It Be

[Encore Presentation]

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