CR360: “Canceling Medical Debt”


Bram & Sandi continue a special Friday series focused on world events and the ‘Kingdom Response’. Through scripture, word and song, we’ll put a whole new spin on what’s happening in the world, right now.

Today: What is the biggest ministry opportunity in YOUR community? Well, one congregation in Winston/Salem, NC asked themselves that very question. The answer they came up with is unusual, to say the least. So we got to asking ourselves, “Why is their answer so unusual and unexpected? Shouldn’t we all come to a similar answer?”

Bram and Sandi explore how debt can be one of the biggest barriers to the Gospel and one of the biggest opportunities for spiritual breakthroughs. Facing the issue head-on might just change the way your Church does ministry and how the Kingdom grows…

To read the articles that inspired today’s broadcast, Click Here, Here and Here

To contact one organization which can help your church minister through canceling the burden of medical debt, Click Here…

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