CR360: “AI In the Pulpit?”


Bram & Sandi continue a new Friday series focused on world events and the ‘Kingdom Response’. Through scripture, word and song, we’ll put a whole new spin on what’s happening in the world, right now.

Today: The Internet has opened a universe of possibilities. Access to Information; Real-time Communications; Tele-presence; Education; Remote Work; Social Engagement – all of it has jumped by light years ahead of where we were just 30 years ago. Does that mean we have solved the most pressing problems in the world? That it’s easier to know the truth… about anything? Or is it the exact opposite? Something in-between?

Now we’re suddenly facing another revolution in information, with machines set to do much more than simply assisting us in finding things. Now they’re going to process that data into new information at the snap of your fingers. What would happen to your spiritual life when machines start writing your Pastor’s sermons? It’s not so far-fetched, as you’ll hear today. And is there something we should do about it?

Sandi and Bram take a deep dive in ‘Artificial Intelligence’ and come to some surprising conclusions…

To read the articles that inspired today’s broadcast, Click Here… and Here.

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