FOR MANY YEARS Compassion Radio has focused on the huge need for Bibles in the booming Church around the world. For five years, our annual Year-End ‘Operation God’s Word’ Campaign partner has been “Bibles For The World” and we couldn’t be happier about it. This fine organization has placed millions of copies of God’s Word in the hands of Believers who have personally asked for one. They work closely with Christian leaders in the 100 or more countries where they serve to make sure that every Bible finds a home with a Christian who will use it to grow spiritually and to build God’s Kingdom!

I have personally had the honor to hold the hands of Brothers and Sisters in Christ who receive these Bibles with deep gratitude, even tears. This year, I’m traveling with John Pudaite in Vietnam where doors are opening to the Gospel like never before. We’ve already delivered thousands of copies to local churches as they reach out to their country with Christmas festivals and Open-Air Gospel Events. You’ll hear much more about that on Compassion Radio in the weeks to come.

Please help us send thousands more copies of Children’s Story Bibles, Pastoral and New Believer Study Bibles THIS YEAR. We can’t do it without you!

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