Rapid growth will cause India to overtake China as the world’s most populous country. Hindu nationalism is producing persecution against fast expanding churches. Compassion Radio has partnered with the India Gospel League to establish “Life Centers” that bring literacy, health care, education, and pastoral leadership training to rural villages. Norm, Cher, Bram, and Sandi Floria traveled to India to work hands-on with these marvelous people, to encourage, support and pray for them. Compassion Radio has provided Bibles and Christian literature to new believers.

Through the generous giving of radio partners, we have also supplied study Bibles for pastors, and motorbikes for the “barefoot pastors” who go into areas where there are no passable roads.

Norm and Cher Nelson have had the privilege to lead a team of Compassion Radio partners to participate in the honor of personally feeding the lepers in India — to spread the banana leaf in front of them, to ladle the steaming hot rice and stew onto those leaves, to lay hands on them and pray, to pour water directly into the mouths of those who cannot hold a cup, and then to touch them and hold them and love them — ministering to their deep hunger for the physical touch of another human being. At the feedings they are taught from God’s Word, their physical needs are met by medical personnel, and clothing and food are distributed.