Good News You Can Use: Choices

Gerald Marshall writes this about choices and commitment: “Choosing–freedom of choice–is, perhaps, the most awesome responsibility man has on earth. The ability to make conscious decisions, to accept or reject, to evaluate and conclude, to make moral and spiritual decisions, makes man closer to the image of God than any other living creation. “God gave man this dangerous ability at creation so that he would be free–free to accept or reject; free to be or not to be; free to turn to God or turn away from Him. God created man and woman with no strings attached. “That freedom of choice is not to be taken lightly but as a… Read More

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Biblical Justice (Part 1)


When a missionary or missions organization goes to another country, are they going there to save the people from their circumstances? Or is there a bigger objective? Welcome to Compassion radio with Bram Floria. On today’s broadcast, Bram connects with Carol Bremer Bennett, director for World Renew. An organization with a focus on community development, and disaster response and rehabilitation, as well as peace and Biblical justice for all people.

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