The Legacy of Moria, Pt. 1


When Jeremy Holiman signed up to serve Middle Eastern refugees, he might have bitten off more than he could chew. Then again, when has refugee work ever been ‘easy’? Over the course of two years at the Moria Refugee Camp on Lesbos Island in the Greek Aegean Sea, he ended up with the whole project in his lap, and an increasing flood of desperate people. 5000 became 50,000 in no time. Like Jesus with the loaves and fishes, Jeremy and his team managed to feed and lead hundreds of thousands in their race to freedom and safety. 

Today, the Moria camp lies in ashes, a victim of rage and fear that couldn’t be contained in the Age of Covid. On this program, Bram and Jeremy take a look back at what Moria Camp was, the fallout of the recent tragedy, and what’s ahead for the refugees that continue to chase Hope across the seas…

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