Remembering Brother Andrew

Remembering Brother Andrew, Pt. 2


It’s safe to say that no one more directly influenced the surprising renaissance of this ministry than an unassuming Dutchman who went by the nickname of Brother Andrew. At a time when Dr. Norm Nelson was doing some serious soul-searching and asking God for the future of the Radio Ministry he inherited from his father, the Rev. Wilbur Nelson, Brother Andrew invited him along for some adventures so intrepid they couldn’t even be mentioned on the air. Why? Because lives were at stake. What was expected to be a reporting trip on how bibles make it to Believers in closed countries turned into a revolution for us and and a whole new life mission for Norm and Cher. What had been ‘The Morning Chapel Hour‘ and later ‘Life At Its Best‘ was suddenly taken up into the astonishing world of 21st Century Great Commission and Great Commandment work. Because of what Brother Andrew showed Norm, and the people they met together, we became ‘Compassion Radio.’

We’ll take some special time in the coming months to talk to others who were just as transformed by the living legacy and selfless example of Brother Andrew…

TODAY: We continue our conversations with Dr. Carl Moeller, earlier a President of Open Doors USA, and later The Executive Director of Biblica [The American Bible Society]. Carl’s travels with Brother Andrew (and Norm) blew open his faith and paved the way to the work he does now, providing resources to some of the world’s most daring Kingdom work through ‘The Joshua Fund.’

[Encore Presentation]

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