Breaking Bread in Lebanon, 2020

August 4, 2020 was a very bad day for Lebanon. Already reeling under the collapse of their economy, currency and record high unemployment, prices of consumer goods and food had already quadrupled in a matter of months. Then the Port exploded with the force of an atomic bomb. Hundreds were killed and tens of thousands displaced.

Through all of these trials, the Church has been right at the forefront of caring for those suffering from dislocation by war and economic collapse in the surrounding countries. They already care for millions of refugees from Syria and Iraq. Now they struggle to support their own. We can help. Through our on-the-ground partners like ‘Together for the Family’ in Zahle, ‘One Million Thumbprints’ and ‘Church of God’ in Dora, you can support the KIngdom in its hour of need.

Remember: Lebanon is home to almost 2 million Christians – 10 times as many disciples as in Israel, and second only to Egypt. Here’s our pledge to you – every dime beyond our baseline budgeting for the month of September goes straight to our partners in Lebanon to provide food and shelter to most vulnerable – starting with our Christian brothers and Sisters. Thank you for your generous gift today…


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