The churches of the Palestinian Territories are largely unknown to western Christians. Compassion Radio is firmly committed to stand with them as the New Testament mandates that we must. Norm and Cher have facilitated the provision of food, medical aid, and other forms of assistance in both the West Bank and Gaza. During an intifada, at a time when there was no permitted entrance to these areas, Norm Nelson hiked over the hills to evade the check points, in order to deliver baby formula and diapers to Christian families in need in Bethlehem. Compassion Radio has been able to provide assistance to Bethlehem Bible College, which continues to operate with bulging class sizes. Some of the funds for aid have been provided by Messianic Christian churches in Israel. Compassion Radio, under the umbrella of World Vision, provided relief to Christians in resettlement camps and to Muslims under direct fire. In fact, it was here that a Muslim Imam gave us the name “Compassion Radio.”