Good News You Can Use: Servant Friendship

Rev. Rich Walters challenges us on the subject of friendship.

He says, “Pain exists. You know that from personal experience. And you know that there are people in whose lives pain is far greater than yours. Fear, sorrow, loneliness, rage, and despair are all around us; maybe we notice, maybe we don’t.

“A servant-friend notices and wants to do something about it. Servant-friends care deeply, unselfishly, patiently. And they put caring into action. What do they do? Servant-friends add more to others’ lives than they take away. They affirm, knowing that building up another person’s self-esteem does not diminish their own. They share themselves, including their flaws so that others may learn from their mistakes. They give trust and deserve trust.

“They do not insist on equality, being willing to inconvenience themselves for the convenience of others. They invite others to come out from behind their walls of defense. They willingly pay the cost of friendship, even the high cost of abandoning self-centeredness. They love you just because you are. They take the initiative to help. They represent our Lord. A servant-friend is love in action. Servant-friendship is a calling to follow the example of Jesus Christ, the perfect Servant-Friend.

“For us, servant-friendship as just described in unattainable. But we are responsible in the Spirit of Christ and with the help of God our Father to do the best we can. Servant-friendship is founded on unconditional love. ‘Unconditional’ means meeting people to know them, love them and serve them. If we profess a servant-friend’s unconditional love to others, the only qualification they need in order to receive our love is that they exist. That’s all!”

You can focus your energy, today, on not just being a friend, but being a servant-friend!

And that good news you can use!

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