Good News You Can Use: Prayer

The “Bottom Line” of Prayer

Writing on the subject of prayer Fay Angus says, “Without circumventing Scriptural directions, encouragements and admonitions (and there are many), the bottom line of prayer is to pray. When we do, the power of heaven picks up momentum to change our lives. If the answers to our prayers depended on our worth, they would never be answered, they would never even be heard, but through the righteousness of Christ, they are.

“We tend to stroke prayer like a lucky rabbit’s foot and to seek God’s fleece rather than His face. We try to manipulate His will to ours and sometimes call it faith. We push forward in the arrogance of our own stoic determination, limited by our finite vision, rather than pull back in the simple trust of His infinite plan. We expect God to change the sovereignty of His omnipotent heart, instead of asking Him to give us a heart willing to be changed. Psalm 46, verse 10, which says, ‘Be still, and know that I am God,’ could be said to mean, ‘Relax! Let God be God!’

“I thank God for the prayers He has answered the way I prayed that He would. I thank Him, somewhat shamefully, for the prayers I prayed and then forgot all about. But He didn’t and in His lovingkindness, He answered them anyway. I also thank God for the prayers He didn’t answer the way I prayed He would. I shudder to think of how some things in my life may have turned out if He had!

“After all of this, I have decided I will not diagnose Him. I will not analyze Him. I will obey Him. I will adore Him. And I will continue to lay my life before Him, because, in the mystery of His timing, in the confusion where I do not understand, God is God!”

And that’s Good News You Can Use.

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