Good News You Can Use: Jealousy

Emotional problems aren’t just the domain of counseling professionals. The good news is that sometimes the healing of our tormenting feelings comes directly from God.

Elizabeth Elliot gives us an example. She says:

“A friend of mine wrote to tell me how she’d been helped in a matter of irrational jealousy. Irrational though she knew it to be, her suffering was, nevertheless, very real and incapacitating. She simply could not bear to see her husband across a room talking with another woman. She knew very well that there was nothing wrong in his relationship with this woman or any other woman, and recognized the problem as her own, and her reaction as neurotic. Nevertheless, it was there. It caused her real pain and she didn’t know what to do about it.

“One night after an evening in which she’d seen her husband in conversation with several women, she and her husband went to bed. He went to sleep. She could only lie awake, tormented by this demon of jealousy.

“Finally, she got up and went to another room where she knelt. Placing in her hands, as it were, the feeling that seemed to be conquering her, she lifted her hands to the Lord, prayed aloud, and offered the whole matter to Him.

“Like a wild iris pod, she let go of the last fragile threads of that feeling. Her testimony was that the Lord simply took that offering, then and there, and in its place gave her peace. The plain physical act of turning the thing over to Him, and receiving His peace in exchange, helped to make it definite and final.

“She wouldn’t take it back, not even if Satan tempted her later to think that she hadn’t really committed it to the Lord. She went back to bed, relieved of her burden, and went peacefully to sleep.”

Life today has become overwhelmingly complex. Problems have arisen in our time that our grandparents never heard of. But the Gospel is still the power of God for salvation, for all of us and for all of our needs.

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