Good News You Can Use: Discipline

The Bible tells parents to “train our children in the way they should go,” and that requires discipline. But what does that mean? William Coleman draws our attention to Hebrews, chapter 7, and the four principles of discipline that are enumerated there. Here they are:

“First, good parents discipline. Parental discipline is a sign that a child is accepted by the parent. If we refuse to discipline, we have, in a sense, rejected the child.

“Second, children respect discipline. If discipline is carried out correctly and lovingly, young people will usually respect their parents for drawing boundaries and enforcing them.

“Third, discipline is not pleasant at the time. Don’t expect your child or teenager to congratulate you when you discipline him or her. The process is painful. No one likes being corrected or criticized.

“Fourth, discipline produces righteousness and peace. You see, if God disciplines His children whom He loves and calls sons and daughters, we as good parents should also discipline our children and thereby show them our love and concern for their lives.

“As children grow older, they will see and reap the benefits of a disciplined home life. They can look back and see their parents’ efforts as a labor of love. They are thankful that their mother or father gave them guidelines, boundaries and deadlines, even if they seemed painful at the time.”

And that’s Good News You Can Use.

Ten Things Your Teen Will Thank You for Someday, William L. Coleman, Bethany House, 1992.

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