Good News You Can Use: Commitment

It’s so refreshing to hear that real commitment in marriage is not dead. Roger Palms writes:

“One evening, after both our son and daughter had had an early supper, my wife and I had a quiet dinner together. We didn’t go out; we stayed in the kitchen. She didn’t cook anything difficult or fancy; it was just a casserole. We ate by candlelight, leisurely talking about everything and anything that was important to us.

“Then, when dinner was over, we had devotions together, holding hands. It was an intimate evening – just ours – and we both sensed the presence of God and a deep, deep love. That comes from commitment and years of trust.”

Then Palms asks, “Do you know why some Christians seem to have trouble getting along with their spouses? They dislike themselves. They’re looking around for someone else, someone who will give them value, some reason for being, some stature in their own eyes. They need someone who will appeal to them because they are so insecure in themselves that they do not know who they are, they do not know their own self-worth and, as a result, they cannot receive love from the one with whom they live. But the ones who know themselves and their needs, and want to love, can be loved and give love.

“There are many spouses longing to give love to the mate who is looking elsewhere. And as long as people are looking for another to give the security and value they crave, they will never really open themselves either to their mate or to God. If it is true on any level, it’s true on the level of marriage: ‘For anyone who does not love…. [One] whom he has seen, cannot love God whom he has not seen’ (1 John [4:20]).’”

God is the mender of broken relationships and fractured marriages. Accepting His love gives us a sense of self-worth that enables us to love the one who shares our lives.

And that’s Good News You Can Use!

Enjoying the Closeness of God, Roger C. Palms, World Wide Productions, 1989.

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