Good News You Can Use: Church

Why is it that people don’t attend church? Well, according to Carl Dreizler, there are eight reasons. He lists them as follows:

“1) Weekends are my only time away from work. Church services take too much of my free time.

2) Churches are always asking for money. My budget is already too tight.

3) The church believes that the only people who go to heaven are those who accept Jesus Christ as their personal Savior. If that’s the truth, I don’t want any part of Him or the church.

4) I worship God in my own way and, frankly, I feel it’s more honorable than the way most churches honor Him.

5) All I find there are hypocrites. If I want to find those, I’ll simply go to work or turn on the television.

6) After my strict upbringing in religious schools, I never want to return to any kind of organized religion.

7) I disagree with the church politically regarding abortion and other social concerns.

8) The church preaches too much Hell and damnation. If God is so good, why does He want us to constantly be reminded that we might burn in Hell?”

Dreizler concludes, “Despite what the surveys show as to why people don’t attend church, community is important in the continuing life of Christian people. Without the support of fellow believers, many Christians shrivel up and die spiritually.

“I love to stroll along the tide pools down at the beach. One particular point where I walk reaches out almost a hundred yards from the shore when the tide is low. Clinging to the rocks that make up this point are thousands of mussel shells. The shells that cling to the rocks are fragile and easily broken if stepped on. But, when they’re grouped together in large numbers, I’ve noticed that you can easily walk on the shells without causing any damage to them. Alone they are broken. Close together they support one another.

In the fellowship of God’s people, we gain strength to meet life’s tests successfully.”

And that’s Good News You Can Use!

Trading Habits That Hurt for Habits that Heal, Carl Dreizler, Vine Books (Servant) 1992

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