Good News You Can Use: Choices

Gerald Marshall writes this about choices and commitment:

“Choosing–freedom of choice–is, perhaps, the most awesome responsibility man has on earth. The ability to make conscious decisions, to accept or reject, to evaluate and conclude, to make moral and spiritual decisions, makes man closer to the image of God than any other living creation.

“God gave man this dangerous ability at creation so that he would be free–free to accept or reject; free to be or not to be; free to turn to God or turn away from Him. God created man and woman with no strings attached.

“That freedom of choice is not to be taken lightly but as a divine privilege and responsibility. Success or failure in every aspect of life is a conscious decision. By our lack of conscious decision to succeed, we fail by default. As Harvey Cox says, ‘Not to decide is to decide.’

“Sometimes we forfeit by our own lack of positive choice to make commitments and succeed. Success actually begins with a conscious, rational decision to put wings to an idea, an aspiration, or a dream. A decision is a beginning and beginning is half-done. So, to choose wisely is half the battle!

“So, the first step in the time-proven process of commitment is to involve yourself in wisely choosing whether you should, or should not, make a certain commitment. Ask yourself five questions:

  1. Am I certain I have all the facts?
  2. What are the possibilities if I don’t commit to this?
  3. Will this be a great thing for myself, others, and God’s Kingdom?
  4. What are the moral, ethical, or spiritual obligations?
  5. Have I sought guidance through Scripture and prayer?

“When you know that this commitment is worthy of your very best effort, you are now on your way to success!”

And that’s Good News You Can Use.

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