Good News You Can Use: Bringing Up Babies

Author and speaker Marie Chapian offers her list of six ‘musts’ for bringing up babies.

“1) Don’t be afraid of spoiling your baby by picking him up too often when he cries. Your child needs to learn the feelings of security and safety. Your baby is learning even before he can recognize his own name.

2)  Remember that things are never as important as people. We can enjoy our babies and our homes by making the place in which we live both child-safe and child-proof. Save your anxiety and frustration by not buying expensive things or anything white until they are older.

3)  A baby cries because he is in distress. It‘s his only means of communicating needs to you. Go to him, hold him, reassure him.

4)  You are the primary teacher in your child’s life. If your child is to grow up understanding happiness, success, and love, with a sense of inner security and peace, you must begin to teach him now.

5)  Give your child approval without making him feel he has to earn it. Model for him God’s unconditional love.

6)  Make fun a part of every day. Laugh with your child. Play with him; play what he wants to play.”

She concludes with this thought: “School teachers in the primary grades report that children who come from punitive, non-reinforcing homes are constantly seeking approval. These children are filled with insecurity, fear of others, fear of failure and are often dependent and unable to be loving.”

Our children must be shown early in their lives that they are safe and tenderly loved. The most effective way to do this is to fulfill our calling as parents to lead our children to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and to present our little ones as a pleasure to Him.

And that’s Good News You Can Use.

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