Good News You Can Use: Assurance

One of my favorite verses is in John 14, where we read these words of our Lord: “Do not let your hearts be troubled; you believe in God, believe also in Me.”

I really like Janet Bly’s comments on this verse. She says, “One Saturday morning, I stewed over a mounting pile of pressures: a stack of potential church choir anthems waited to be reviewed; a dozen important phone calls I needed to make all produced busy signals; a week’s worth of laundry spilled out into the garage; an unfinished letter was spread out on the kitchen table; a half-finished grocery list for Sunday lunch guests decorated the refrigerator door.

“Then, my seven-year-old’s Sunday School teacher called. ‘Is Aaron going to have pizza with us today?’ ‘I’m sorry,’ I said, ‘he didn’t mention it.’ ‘Well,’ his teacher said, ‘we’ll be leaving soon. If he didn’t bring home a permission slip, just write the information on a slip of paper and send it along with him.’

“As soon as I reminded Aaron about the party, he danced around in anticipation. Soon the doorbell rang and a minute later I heard a commotion. Rushing to the front door, I found two neighbor girls waving pink papers at Aaron, who was hiding behind the drapes, sobbing. Gently I pulled him out and coaxed him to talk to me. ‘I can’t go!’ he wailed, ‘I don’t have one of those pink papers!’ ‘Oh, Aaron, yes, you do – yours just happens to be white. I’ve got it all taken care of.’ I wiped his tears, folded the signed release paper into his pocket and sent him off.

“Why hadn’t he just asked me about the paper? Hadn’t he been my child long enough to know I’d have a solution? At that moment it seemed I heard a soft echo right beside me saying, ‘Haven’t you been My child long enough to know I have it all taken care of?’ Quietly I stopped beside the stacks of music, the load of clothes, the troublesome letter, and released each one to the care of my Heavenly Father.”

By an act of our will we can refuse to allow our hearts to be troubled about the cares of the world and we can find the solutions our loving Father has already provided!

And that’s Good News You Can Use!

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