Crown Him, Pt. 3


The Call to focus on the Majesty and Glory of God fell on Michael powerfully right before the world was turned upside-down. The title for his album ‘Crown Him‘ was heavy on his heart long before the Corona virus made its ignoble debut. And there could not be a more important message in times of great suffering and turmoil than this: God is Sovereign, Compassionate and Powerful to Save.

Michael O’Brien knows a thing or two about worship, cuz he’s seen a thing or two. As an established Songwriter, Worship Leader, Solo Artist and many years an Anchor Vocalist for the Power Group ‘NewSong’, Michael has given the Family of God some powerful and anointed music.

In this five-part series, Bram and Michael explore the ‘Crown Him’ music project from top to bottom. As the world continues to struggle through the aftermath of ongoing pandemic, this music is just the balm we all need.

Remember – you can get your own copy of this amazing album when you give to support Compassion Radio and ask for it. Get a copy for yourself and another for someone you know who needs a real encouraging shot in the arm…

[Part 3 of 5]

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