The Way of the Samaritan

[COLOR, CREED, COVID and COMPASSION] (Transcript of 01/22/2021 Friday Broadcast) I learned an important truth this past year, one that required some serious adjustment to the way I think, act, judge the motivations of others and even the way I approach the Word of God. And the statement goes like this: Emotions tell the truth about what […]

Back from The Brink


Randall Morgan, is a native of Nashville, Tennessee, here in the USA. He is the founder the SOZO Foundation in Hungary that focuses on Reconciliation of the Nations with an emphasis on Leadership Training and Music and the Arts. Today, Randall tells Bram about how God brought him back from the brink, and into a […]

Fighting for the next generation (Part 3)


Kulea Childcare Villages, Inc. is a faith based charity dedicated to rescuing and raising orphans & vulnerable children in East Africa. All this week, Bram’s wife Sandi, connects with Deborah Brown, the head of this wonderful ministry, to talk about the amazing work God is doing in the lives of so many precious children in […]