Catching a Bit of Grace, Pt. 1

John Fischer’s more than a songwriter or.a sidewalk prophet. As a founding member of the “Jesus Music” Movement, he was there when Christian Contemporary Music went Big Time. And he watched it go Big Time Commercial. Along the way he had plenty of choice things to say about the endless pursuit of profit and the watering down of the Gospel in the process. It led him into a prolific writing career and some seminal books. [You can check them out here…]

But John’s also got a new gig – he’s the go-to guy for many of the spiritually disenfranchised among us. He isn’t afraid to tackle the tough questions and look you in the eye. It’s what Jesus would do, after all, and John makes no bones about it – It’s all about Him and what He wants. The place he has been meeting his flock for years is online – someplace the rest of us were forced to reckon with when a nasty virus shut the doors to our church buildings a little while ago. So, basically, all the rest of us are just now catching up to John FIscher. It’s a good thing he’s still leading the way!

You can find what’s so ‘catching’ about John Fischer’s ministry at:

Pt. 1 of a 2-part series…

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