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John Robb Report:

Healing the Land

Dear Friends,


The time in Fiji was renewing and stimulating. Practitioners in the ministry of transformation from 25 nations were in attendance. We were especially encouraged and challenged by the experiences of the Fijians who described how God’s healing is coming to their islands.


Members from their Healing the Land Team told us how they gather a community to go through a process of repentance and reconciliation, dealing with the sins of their forefathers and any current relationship breaches. They also stressed the need to re-covenant the land back to God. Afterwards, they often see remarkable signs and wonders as the Lord dramatically increases the agricultural output of the soil, heals reefs that were dying, and brings back large schools of fish and other sea creatures that had long been absent.  The weather patterns have also changed so that they do not suffer the typhoons that had been common in past years.


Political leaders, such as the president and prime minister are active participants in the prayer movement, and have asked the church to be closely involved in the matters of state. It is an extraordinary story.

The early June meeting in Atlanta on helping the Persecuted Church that we prayed for was successful and met everyone’s expectations, according to one of the organizers. He reports: “The PCEDN (Persecuted Church Economic Development Network) was unanimously launched by the participants.  There is a well-defined, clear vision specifically for the persecuted/emerging church!” Praise God for answering our prayers for this important gathering and let’s pray that this new network will further develop and flourish.

Next week in South Sudan, important talks will be held that could end the awful 20-year conflict of Uganda with the LRA (Lord’s Resistance Army) rebels. The talks between the government and rebels are considered northern Uganda's best chance for peace in years. Please pray for the Sudanese mediators and all who are involved on both sides that a peace breakthrough can occur.

Please also pray for the Democratic Republic of Congo as it moves towards national elections on July 30. These elections come after a five-year conflict that took over three million lives. It is essential that they go well. They are also the first free elections since independence in 1960. Pray against violence and corruption and that the election process will be peaceful and fair.

A  friend  of  mine  in  Central  India  reports  that  a  fanatical  Hindu fundamentalist group, the RSS, is “holding an international strategy session on  the  10th  of July in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh to chalk out a new policy for  persecuting  Christians.”  He notes that several states of the nation have witnessed “a steep rise both in frequency and severity since January 2006.” Let’s pray that this meeting will be ineffective and that the Hindu fundamentalists will not be able to continue their violent attacks against believers in Christ and that government and law enforcement agencies will take firm action against those who carry out such crimes.

Lastly, would you especially pray for a special prayer initiative inside Iraq that one of my colleagues in the prayer movement will help lead, July 17-22. It will be a 4 days fasting and praying conference for young adults from 18-28 years old. Pray for safety in travel for my friend and all the participants and that it will be a well organized event that is anointed and guided by the Lord. May He use this time to bring healing to this war-weary, shattered nation!

Thanks and greetings,
John Robb
International Prayer Council