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John Robb Report:

Darfur Report -
Praise in Unlikely Places

You will be glad to know that approximately 5000 believers came from more than 20 nations to pray for several days together in a huge tent in the desert at the same place where the Desert Fathers lived and prayed in the 4th-5th centuries. They were joined by at least 45000 others (via live Internet streaming) from elsewhere in the Middle East. After speaking on prophetic/authoritative prayer, it was my great joy and privilege to lead them as we asked the Lord to bring His healing and reconciliation to conflicts in the region, not only Iraq and the Arab-Israeli conflict, but also for Darfur in western Sudan and the Northern Uganda struggle with the LRA rebels. I also told them that you were praying with them from afar and they clapped with joy.

It was a vibrant, marvelous time, full of passionate prayer, singing and lots of enthusiastic worship in spite of the heat and flies (some of which were perhaps hardy descendants from Mosesí plagues!) At one point, a couple of hundred children came running in to sing, dance and pray along with the adults. It was great fun as we all shook off our sophisticated restraint and worshipped like little kids!

I was particularly thrilled to see such a strong prayer movement developing in the region that brings together all 17 denominations, including Catholics and Orthodox, in the host country, and now is spreading throughout the region. It was encouraging to hear that the Global Day of Prayer has helped to catalyze and extend this process. Leaders from this movement along with one of my colleagues from the International Prayer Council will meet as a smaller group here later this week and need your prayers for the unity, guidance and anointing of the Lord so that they can wisely continue to develop this magnificent movement of united prayer. May God use it to transform the whole region!

Today I met with Somali Christian leaders here in Kenya. They described how God is answering our prayers for Somalia. A new parliament has been formed.  A few of the leaders have been able to meet with the prime minister, president and speaker of the parliament. They ask that we pray for the new government to effectively bring the nation together and that government institutions and infrastructure can be created with the $70 million that is being given by the European Union. Pray too for the resolution of the current violent conflict between radical Islamists and warlords that has developed recently in Mogadishu; for the unity of Christís people among the Somalis to be safeguarded; and for many more to come to Christ both inside and outside of Somalia.

March 29, the Malawi national prayer initiative begins. May I also ask you to pray for traveling mercies for all the participants and for our team so that we can get to the conference venue and begin on time; for the unity and anointing of the Holy Spirit for all who participate; for sensitivity, love, power and wisdom for our team to know how best to facilitate; for a mighty prayer movement to arise and to bring Christís transformation and healing to the nation that struggles with very high poverty and HIV/AIDS infection rates and needs the Lord to touch every sector of the society- political, economic, social, and revive His church.

John Robb
International Prayer Council