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John Robb Report:

Myanmar, Nepal
and the U.N.


The next 24 hours could be critical for the nation of Myanmar (Burma) which is being rocked by large anti-government protests led by monks and supported by growing numbers of citizens. They are calling for an end to the "evil dictatorship". The rallies began last month when the government doubled fuel prices. These protests are an open challenge to the military regime that has tightly controlled dissent. Please pray for protection from violence and that both protestors and the military will show restraint. Analysts fear a repeat of the violence in 1988, when troops opened fire on unarmed protesters, killing thousands. Pray for a peaceful reform process, that God’s good purposes to prosper this land and its people will be fulfilled, and that the light of Jesus Christ will shine brightly there.

Thanks for praying for the UN Prayer Breakfast last week which was arranged by a couple of Christian ministries serving the UN. Here is their report: "215 diplomats, representing 65 countries, filled the room and received a perfectly tailored message by Dr. John Maxwell, whose themes were, "transformation happens through leaders", and "Everything rises and falls on leadership." Of the 215 who attended, 32 requested Bibles, 42 requested Jesus DVD's, and a number asked to be contacted to discuss spiritual things. Since this event is on the day the General Assembly opens, these diplomats will be very busy for the rest of 2007.  Please pray they will make times in their schedules to meet, and/or to attend our weekly lunchtime Bible discussion groups, beginning October 11."

Please also lift up the nation of Nepal in your prayers.  There is continuing political conflict and confusion as the Maoist party withdrew from the eight-party coalition government because their demands were not met.  A constituent assembly election is scheduled for November 22, but the Maoists are attempting to delay it.  There is concern that the Maoists leaving Government could result in tension and violence with other groups in the areas bordering India. Communal violence has occurred in some places recently. There is potential this violence could spread. One encouragement is that the Maoists continue to discuss their concerns with the government.

Please pray that God leads the leaders of Nepal to find a political solution that leads to lasting peace and prevents further violence from erupting. Pray also that World Vision and other local ministries would be able to safely continue serving the people effectively in the midst of this situation.

For Pakistan, we have been asked to pray for the following:

     1) Peace during this next month, so elections can be held.
     2) Elections on October 6th.  If elections are to take place, may God establish the right person.
     3) Ramadan – may people have visions of Jesus and find the one who brings true peace.
     4) Night of Power – may there be no major attacks.
     5) PRAY for the safety of President Musharraf against whom many assassination attempts have been made by Islamic extremists such as Al Qaeda.

John Robb