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John Robb Report:

North American Prayer Congress


We in the Canadian and American delegations were, on the whole, very pleased with how the North American Prayer Congress in Mexico City went. There were approximately 2000 from all across Mexico including a good number of pastors and the 15 of us gringos from up north.  It was a very joyful, vibrant and colorful time with much worship and extended times of sharing and prayer for each nation and for the continent. Reconciliation issues, poverty/development, children and indigenous peoples were special foci of the event.

The congress was followed by the March of Glory on the main plaza with the participation of some celebrities who have recently come to the Lord and children who prayed for Mexico, Canada and the USA as they held aloft each flag. Hundreds of thousands of believers took part in the march, and many of them stayed to worship and pray all night long. I believe that the Lord is uniting our hearts and the hearts of our nations through this process. Thanks for praying with us.

Now may I ask your prayer support for the following:

Please pray for crucial presidential elections in Nigeria this week. Many Christians are fearful that their religious freedom could be at stake if a Muslim president is elected because there has been considerable persecution and religious conflict in the northern part of the country, causing the deaths of many on both sides. Please pray for His peace, order and the right person to be elected who will serve all Nigerians in reverence for God and love for the nation.

As mentioned in the past, World Vision is undergoing a major reorganization and needs Godís special grace as we look for the right people for open leadership positions and seek to integrate our commitment to Christ and the practice of transformational prayer into all we do. We would deeply appreciate your continuing to pray with us about these things.

In early September, a couple hundred prayer leaders from many nations, including a significant number of child prayer leaders, will come to New York City to pray for the United Nations and for our world just before and during the anniversary of 9/11. Many have written off the UN as ineffective and corrupt, but we believe that as His people pray for this most influential of international institutions, we will see Christís transformation at work in the way it operates. A small team has begun work on the preparations. Please pray for the Lordís favor in getting permission for the use of facilities and for His calling of all who should be involved in this vitally important initiative, both from overseas and locally.

Finally, please remember the Caribbean Prayer Summit, May 2-5, now in the final stages of preparation. Pray that the many islands of this vast region will be well represented with the right people being able to come and that they will experience the Lordís provision of funding for their airline tickets and accommodation. Maria and her team need Godís grace, strength and wisdom in all the details they are attending to regarding program and logistics.

Thanks for upholding these crucial concerns.

John Robb