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John Robb Report:

Mediterranean - Middle East - Mexico


Imagine praying in a gigantic tent in a desert location not far from the Mediterranean with 8000 vibrant believers from throughout the Middle East.
What a joy and privilege it was to join them! The Middle East Prayer Summit
followed soon after with prayer leaders from 11 nations who shared the
wonders our God is working to bring many thousands of Muslims to Christ
through dramatic healings, visions and dreams in which they see Jesus
beckoning them to follow Him. They testified that prayer for their Muslim
friends is a key factor in such encounters. Let’s continue to pray for this
tumultuous region that many, many more will come to Christ and that the
prayer movement will be greatly strengthened and cover the whole Middle

Right now, Mexican leaders are preparing to host the “In His Presence: the
North American Prayer Congress” to be held in Mexico City, April 4-6. Up to
3000 pastors and intercessors may be coming from throughout the nation.
This will be followed by the “March of Glory” in which anywhere from
500,000 to one million Mexican Christians will process through the city’s
streets in an eighteen hour prayer and praise marathon that ends on Easter
day, April 8. Some of us gringos from Canada and the US will be there to
help facilitate and speak for these two events. We hope to focus on
reconciliation between our nations and on praying for God’s transformation
of regional issues such as poverty, terrorism, border problems, and the
political division that seems to characterize all three countries at this
time. Please pray with us for the right people to take part; for Carlos,
Javier and their colleagues who are organizing these efforts; for the
Canadian and American delegation; and that the Holy Spirit will anoint and
guide the proceedings mightily so that His purposes are achieved for our

Another regional undertaking I would like to ask your special prayer
support for is the first Caribbean prayer summit. It will happen in
Barbados, May 2-5. Please pray for the registration process and that
leaders from throughout the region’s many islands will be able to take
part. Pray for Maria and her colleagues on the planning team for wisdom,
unity and protection as they make all the arrangements and for the Lord’s
provision of all the finance needed for this crucial event.

Finally, Mikhail, a major leader of the Russian prayer movement, is asking
for our prayer support. He writes:  “We are asking the Lord to fill with
His glory the Kremlin, President Putin, his administration; to sanctify
them and to free the Kremlin and the Red Square (the heart of the country)
from the idol that is in mausoleum and other things…The last prayer walk
that we will have will be on March 31…That is why we are asking for your
prayer support for the days of March 23-31, praying for God to cleanse the
heart of Russia from idols, to fill the Kremlin with God's glory, to grant
repentance and birth from above for President Putin, his family and his
administration. And also, please, pray for the conferences and schools for
watchmen intercessors in our country this year.”

Thanks so much for standing with us again. It makes a huge difference for
the Kingdom!

John Robb