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John Robb Report:

P/ akistan

This is the final day of the prayer initiative here in P/ akistan. Yesterday, the participants passionately sang over and over again that rousing choral prayer “Shine, Jesus, shine. Fill this land with the Father’s glory. Blaze, Spirit, blaze, set our hearts on fire.” This was followed by another prayer in song “Let this nation be changed, let this nation be saved!” We are singing and proclaiming together that ancient prophecy over the nation, that the “earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord” (Habakkuk 2:14), a promise which has become a rallying cry for the global prayer movement and, of course, even includes this nation where believers are still such a tiny minority in a huge M uslim population that has become increasingly radical and anti-Christian.

Today, the children will come to join us and pray for the nation. We are asking the Lord to raise up an ongoing children’s prayer movement and also a 24/7 prayer movement for the nation. Adult participants will be asked to take responsibility for one hour slots, at least one hour each, for all 168 hours of the week, so that P/ akistan will be covered at all times with someone praying. The folks up north in L ahore have already agreed to do this. Please pray with us as follows:

     1.    For the development of a strong and united prayer movement in the nation characterized by 24/7 intercession and wide participation by believers in every city.

     2. For children across the nation to be encouraged and helped to pray effectively for their communities, the churches and the nation as a whole.

     3. For the spirit of fear and disunity that keeps the church “under house arrest” to be broken so Christians arise and do exploits for Christ throughout the society, becoming an influence in every sector as salt and light. Pray that they will love and serve their nation, especially the marginalized and poor and the many still unreached by the Gospel.

     4. That the government will take firm action against all the m adrassahs (religious schools) that are often a hotbed of radicalism and terrorism, bringing virtually no education or development to children and poisoning their minds. Pray that these schools will be required to change their curriculum or be completely shut down.

     5. Yesterday, all those participating in the initiative here slowly filed past the map of P/ akistan, prayerfully laying their hands on its provinces and cities to pray that their countrymen across the nation will hear about Jesus Christ and turn to Him. Yes, let this nation be changed, let this nation be saved!

Theologian Walter Wink in his book Engaging the Powers writes: “Even a small number of people can decisively affect the shape the future takes. These shapers of the future are the intercessors who call out of the future the longed for new present; they believe the future into being…the name of that future is… the reign of God.”

Let’s believe with our brothers and sisters in Christ in P/ akistan for that new future the Lord wants to give this nation!

Warm greetings from P/ akistan,
John Robb